Very Near to You

מאת: Avraham Burg

מוציא לאור: Gefen Publishing

קטגוריה: תורה, פרשת שבוע

מועד פירסום: מרץ 2012

ISBN: 9789652295644

שפה: אנגלית

גודל: 1207.68 KB

עמודים: 468

The book is a new interpretation of the weekly torah reading. It is written from a world view deeply committed to Judaism, which places the responsibility of interpretation and identity on each one of us. The Torah is not in heaven but in the heart and mouth of you and me, to study it and to live by it. Through this book the author tries to involve the reader in the language of the five books of Moses that has been present in our lives for thousands of years. It s a language which is human, universal, moral, historical and national. "My interpretation is one of many and I try to invite the reader or student to argue or to agree, to add or to subtract from my interpretation, or even better to develop their own interpretation and spread it around."

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