The Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws

מאת: Michael Ellias Dallen

מוציא לאור: James D. Long

קטגוריה: מצוות בני נוח

מועד פירסום: אוקטובר 2003

מילות מפתח: Sheva Mitzvot , Universal Laws , Noahide Laws

ISBN: 0-9719388-2-2

שפה: אנגלית

גודל: 4229.57 KB

עמודים: 388

This is ancient wisdom that introduces the World to the one Direct Path to God.  It provides an understanding of the Seven Universal Laws that are necessary for the moral and ethical behavior for every person of every nation, race, color and creed. Sometimes called the Noahide Laws, they represent the world's new beginning and how each and every person from that point forward can have a relationship with the Creator.  
Acquire the clear vision of the ancient Hebrew prophets and the keys to the Bible's everlasting wisdom. Learn how the Noahide Covenant applies to you.

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