The Lion Club of Prague: Genesis

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סדרה: The Lion Club of Prague

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Rabbi Yehudah Loewe (1512-1607) is credited with the creation of the Golem, but more importantly, served as the rabbinic leader to European Judaism during the 16th century. Gur Arye is full of surprises, brimming with unique thoughts and diversions into rarely discussed Torah ideas. Kabbala is seamlessly woven into his text, and his work delves into such issues as What was God Thinking at the Moment of Creation, The Genesis of Evil, The Secret of Burial, The Navelof the Earth, and Man at the Catalyst of Harmony in the Universe. The Maharal's supra-commentary on Rashi are integrated into the text and care is taken, despite stylistic modifications, to limit the text to thoughts of the Maharal.

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