מאת: Ben Hecht

קטגוריה: היסטוריה, ארץ ישראל, פוליטיקה

מועד פירסום: פברואר 2012

מילות מפתח: Tamir , Kastner , Greenwald , Hecht , Ben Gurion , Jabotinsky , Cohen , Senesh

ISBN: 0964688638

שפה: אנגלית

גודל: 15928.79 KB

עמודים: 292

This book, first published in 1961, takes the reader inside the Jerusalem District Courthouse for the most sensational trial in the history of Israel. Perfidy drew international attention and was angrily denounced by the Israeli establishment. Ben Hecht wrote the screenplay for "Gone With The Wind" and won two pulitzer prizes. His prose is unmatched. He openly presents his contempt for many of the players in this drama and his admiration for others.

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