Maskilon I

מאת: David Morrison, Avraham Solomonik

קטגוריה: מילונים

מועד פירסום: פברואר 2012

ISBN: 9652292729

סדרה: Maskilon Hebrew Learning Series

שפה: עברית

גודל: 104064.75 KB

עמודים: 584

The Maskilon Series is the product of many years of collaboration between senior editor, Avraham Solomonik and English editor David Morrison. This Volume I contains 1640 verb roots and the most common words derived from each root. The verbs in each root have a reference to one of the 158 conjugation tables included in the book. Go to to find 158 of the most common roots and click to go to conjugation of the verbs.

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