DNA & the Bible: The Genetic Link

מאת: Yaakov M. Kleiman

מוציא לאור: James D. Long

קטגוריה: היסטוריה, קהילות יהודיות, מדע

מועד פירסום: דצמבר 2009

מילות מפתח: DNA , Cohen Gene , Genetics , Tribes of Israel , Levi

ISBN: 978-09792618-3-1

שפה: אנגלית

גודל: 2263.74 KB

עמודים: 244

All mankind is connected in our DNA. It is the “molecule of life.”

It transfers the information to create each new generation, and contains the entire biological history of humanity.

The discovery of DNA lineage markers has led to the new study of “genetic genealogy,” which can reveal the early geographical origins of each of us.
This book explores the relevance of these recent genetic discoveries to Biblical tradition. Does the genetics match the Biblical narrative? Can science help verify tradition and belief that goes back millennia? Is there genetic evidence of the continual lineage of the Hebrew Priesthood dating back to Temple times? Is it now possible to determine the genetic markers of the Patriarch Abraham?

The question of the compatibility of science and religious tradition is also raised, here demonstrating agreement rather than conflict.
Originally published as “DNA & Tradition – The Genetic Link to the Ancient Hebrews,” in 2004, this Special Edition has been updated and broadened to reach a larger audience with this important information.

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