A Jewish Philosophy of History

מאת: Paul Eidelberg

מוציא לאור: James D. Long

קטגוריה: היסטוריה, פילוסופיה יהודית, ישראל וארה"ב

מועד פירסום: יולי 2007

מילות מפתח: Modern Israel , Ancient Israel , History of Israel , philosophy , Plato , Socrates , Science

שפה: אנגלית

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Updated & Revised Version.

In A Jewish Philosophy of History: Israel's Degradation and Redemption, Prof. Paul Eidelberg unites three disciplines — politics, philosophy, and science — in reader-friendly language.
Since its first printing in 2004, dramatic events have occurred in the world which further confirm Israel's current degradation, but which also point to Israel's ultimate redemption. After a candid analysis of Israel's degradation, Eidelberg sets forth a comprehensive remedial program. He reveals the flawed mentality of Israel's ruling elites as well as the inherent flaws of Israel's system of governance, both of which hinder a renaissance of Hebraic civilization. Eidelberg sees this renaissance as essential for overcoming the clash between of the West, now mired in relativism, and Islam long trapped in absolutism.
Eidelberg explains that Judaism is not a religion so much as a verifiable system of knowledge. Citing the works of eminent physicists from Einstein to Hawking, he reveals the convergence of science and Torah. He then sets forth the world-historical program of the Torah. But what is most remarkable, he shows how philosophers, scientists, and empires since the destruction of the First Temple in 586 BCE, have unwittingly facilitated the Torah's world-historical program! He concludes by elucidating the basic principles of Hebraic civilization, precisely what mankind needs to avoid the scourge of Western Nihilism and Islamic Jihad.

Paul Eidelberg (Ph.D. Univ. of Chicago) is an internationally renowned political scientist and writer. Professor Eidelberg now lives in Jerusalem and is the Founder of the Israel-America Renaissance Institute.

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