247 - The Secret of the Jews

מאת: Michael Kagan

קטגוריה: סיפורת, איזוטרי, אקולוגיה

מילות מפתח: Jews , Jewish , Secret , Quinn , agricultural revolution , Sabbath , Shabbat , interfaith

שפה: אנגלית

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247 contains the secret of Jewish life and an understanding of over 5000 years of our history as homo sapiens in search of our Creator.

247 is written as a mythological, eco-spiritual quest. It seeks to address questions concerning the relationship between God, humankind and the earth through a story of two individuals, a man and a woman, who wake up to the reality of life around them. This 'waking up' triggers a series of events in their lives that at the same time are catastrophic and liberating. Together they confront the inhumanity of a society that is structured on fear, materialism and a mentality of greed. In so doing, they turn their backs on urbanism and embrace a life lived as nomads in search of a deeper meaning to life. During their years of wandering they meet many challenges, the greatest of which is to be of service to the King and Queen. They are given a code to carry to a far away destination. The code is embedded in their very bodies, not physically, but rather as a way of life. It is this code that they must practice and protect at all costs, for the future of the world depends upon it. After many adventures, spanning eons of time, they arrive at their destination, and a finale that is as breathtaking and as it is surprising.

247 is an adventure story but it is more than that - it is an archetypal story that draws its inspiration directly from the Biblical narrative. It is the story of God's search for a human partner, and continues with humanity's search for God and meaning.

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